Underbite Correction and Alternative to Jaw Surgery

An underbite, also known as a class III malocclusion, is a common jaw relationship found in many people. When a person has normal occlusion, the upper and lower teeth align in such a way that the upper teeth fit slightly over the lower teeth when biting. When a person has an underbite, however, the mandible (lower jaw) protrudes forward in front of the maxilla (upper jaw), causing the lower teeth to overlap the upper teeth when the jaw is closed. This gives the chin and lower teeth a more prominent.

An underbite is defined as a condition where the lower jaw protrudes forward in front of the upper jaw, causing the lower teeth to overlap the upper teeth. An underbite can occur from an over-developed lower jaw, an under-developed upper jaw, or a combination of the two. Underbite correction without surgery is possible! Fix your underbite without surgery at an affordable cost.

Over-Developed Lower Jaw

Under-Developed Upper Jaw

Over-Developed Lower Jaw Under-Developed Upper Jaw Combination



Elongated Lower Jaw

Section of Jawbone removed surgically

Jawbone brough back into more normal position



There are several ways to correct an underbite; however, patients must first consider numerous factors before undergoing any treatment for underbite correction. For example, patients should take into account the amount of physical dysfunction caused by their malocclusion, the psychological effects the malocclusion has on their self-esteem, the severity of the malocclusion, the amount of time the patient is willing to devote to treatment, the risks and benefits of the different treatment options, and the costs involved for the various procedures. One method of underbite correction is through a procedure known as orthognathic surgery, and this treatment modality is often used in cases where more conservative options such as braces cannot alone correct the malocclusion. This corrective surgery varies in complexity depending upon the condition causing the underbite. The surgical procedure will involve either sectioning and advancing the maxilla (upper jawbone) to bring the teeth forward, sectioning and removing a piece of the mandible (lower jawbone) to bring the chin and teeth back, or a combination of the two procedures.

While orthognathic surgery can be an excellent treatment option for many patients with moderate to severe underbites, there are several factors that must be considered before undergoing this extensive treatment option. One major consideration is the cost involved. In many cases insurance alone will not cover orthognathic surgery, and surgery costs can be quite high. Furthermore, orthodontic treatment is often needed in conjunction with surgery, adding to the overall cost of treatment. Other considerations for surgery include the length of time involved for the treatment both pre and post-operatively, the level of discomfort associated with the surgical procedure, and the potential risks and complications including infection, lip numbness, and consequential openbite, among others.

Underbites can be fixed! Find out your options for acromegaly / acromeglia and other underbite problems.. Correct your underbite at the Kurpis Cosmetic Dentistry treatment center located in Ridgewood New Jersey. Dr Kurpis has been serving patients from Bergen County New Jersey NJ, Manhattan NYC New York, CT Connecticut, Long Island, and around the world for over 40 years.



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